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Moscow travels

                       Moscow travels 

                   Metro trips and more

Hello !!!
Here you will see a photo of Moscow and learn a lot of new interesting information about the city.

All photos are made by me for you. See and read the text. The text is translated with the help of Google translator, the original text in Russian you can read on the next page.
Moscow is a huge and modern city. You can quickly get from one part of the city to another on a simple Moscow metro.

Tourists from all over the world often come here and take photos.
You can see it here.

On the way, you will see a lot of historic metro stations.
I will tell you about one of them.
Kiev metro station is one of the oldest. The walls of the station are decorated thematically. More beautiful masterpieces will enjoy the beauty of which you can find here not in one old world.

Travelers from all over the world come to the subway, someone comes by himself with a tour, and someone travels with a personal guide.
You choose for yourself as you like, but there are nuances.
It is important to choose the right time of the day and week, to foresee everything you need to have with you.
E-mail me and I will answer you.

A personal guide for your visit to the City of Moscow will always help to see more.
There are places in the City that are waiting for you with otlinyh types of memory in your album.
Who know and saw everything, but there are more interesting and beautiful places of the city that you have not yet seen.

View from the Bridge of Bohdan Khmelnitsky in Moscow

All these photos to your pleasure, you see with my eyes. The type and place you need, no matter where in Russia it is located.

Enjoy your visit on this site friends. Thanks for watching and reading.

                                             Video clip Metro station Kievskaya Moscow

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